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M. C. of Jersey City, NJ
Our family had adopted Benji when he was only six months old. He was a beautiful Alaskan Eskimo / Samoyed mix. Benji was a smart, funny and loyal friend and after being with the family for 13 years, irreplacable. Everyone was saddened by his passing especially my daughter, who had come to enjoy Benji's company. My son was a few weeks old and the only thing I could think at the time was that he wasn't going to be able to run his chubby little fingers through Benji's fur while he'd sit there patiently tolerating the tugging and pulling. I was sad that he wouldn't experince "BENJI" - or so I thought.

I had told Catherine about an incident that I'd found not only funny but eerie. My son had done something that was so similar to what Benji had done as a pup I'd jokingly called him by the dog's name only to have him walk straight to a photo of my dog and bring it to me. I had to know what was going on.

Catherine's reading resulted in her expressing to me how our dog was still having contact with me through my children. I was so happy to hear this! She then went on to tell specifically about many other things that no one but my family would know.

I was very moved and through Catherine's reading I learned how to acknowledge Benji's visits and continue sharing him with my children.

C. Z. of New York, NY
Catherine Ferguson has done several readings for my three cats. I presented Catherine with photos and a roster of questions and was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy with which she was able to obtain information from them. I had many concerns as I was constantly bringing in foster cats and dogs; my girl Layla was being affected emotionally and I had a sense of this but to what degree I wasn’t sure. Layla told Catherine, in no uncertain terms, that I was not paying enough attention to her. I started brushing Layla more and playing fetch with her and I could see how much more content she was. Layla craves attention and she demands it and I have learned, with Catherine’s help, to listen more carefully to her needs and those of my two male cats.

Catherine was quite helpful in letting me know what each of my cats needed from me and my relationship with them has greatly improved and continues to flourish. For example, my cat Theodore loves sitting on the windowsill and likes to feel the sun on his face, as do most cats. I had been keeping my blinds closed for privacy but was happy to open them for Theodore who now spends most of his time basking in the sun.

M. J. of New York, NY
I am writing to recommend Catherine Ferguson to anyone with two or four legs who needs her services. She was most helpful in providing important information that was right on the mark, regarding the two most important dogs in my life, Buzz and Asti.

Catherine's gift is intangible but easy to measure in tangible ways. She is able to get to the issues or concerns that are of prime importance to the pet's owner. Owners need to provide a photo, some basic information about the pet and the relevant questions. The information she provided was insightful and practical, because she is able to do what your animal can't - tell you directly about their needs and wants and what might be upsetting them. Then it's up to you to make the positive changes in your animal's world.

I can't recommend Catherine Ferguson enough and I hope your experience is as rewarding as mine.

G. D. of Edgewater, NJ
I just wanted to tell you how helpful your insights have been in helping me understand my two cats, Kensington and Chelsea.

Last year, when I moved to my new home and had to have them stay at my mother’s for several months, I was worried when they both began to show signs of stress. Kensington in particular started to withdraw and wasn’t his usual self. You advised me that while both missed me, Kensington was especially feeling “like a fish out of water” at my mom’s place. Your advice to talk to them, spend time with them and use the Bach flower essences to help relieve the separation anxiety went a long way in making them (and me!) more comfortable.

Later on in 2003, I visited with you personally for a reading. You told me that my brother’s cat Otto kept bringing up another cat, light-colored, which I couldn’t identify since Otto is an indoor “only cat” and his litter mates (including Kensington and Chelsea) were all black and whites. Only later did I learn that a neighborhood cat (light grey-striped) likes to stroll by their house, always getting Otto’s attention!

You also told me that Chelsea is on a spiritual journey and is grateful for my care. Later at home, after I talked to her about this, there was a noticeable change in her behavior towards me: she’s become much more affectionate, more demonstrative, and more “verbal” with me.

Kensington presented a problem in that he was waking me with loud meowing and scratching of furniture at 3am every morning! I took your advice, spoke to him about it, and used the Bach flower essence and within 3 days he had stopped the bad behavior!

It's been very interesting and fun to learn about animal communication from you and I look forward to learning more in the future.

L. K. of New York, NY
My rescue Peke-mix, Celeste, went through a heck of a devasting time for one little little dog. Abandoned in an empty lot, starving to death and frostbitten, we found her one wintry day 9 years ago and adopted her immediately. It took years for her to develop the joyous, happy-to-be-alive joie de vivre that most dogs possess from puppyhood. But she eventually got there. And then two very disturbing things husband, who she'd focused on the most, left....and 10 months later she developed this massive heart condition that had been just a minor problem, when she was young. Everything about her changed and she went back to her earlier days of insecurity and sadness. She became frail and listless.

Here's where Catherine Ferguson comes in! After viewing Celeste's photo and communing with her, Catherine was able to read feelings in Celeste which I'd actually been too upset to notice. Catherine told me how Celeste was frightened by her own illness...her heart disease. After Catherine's reading, I began to concentrate on the suggestions she made (I started "talking" to Celeste all the time, holding her, and telling her she was going to be fine and that I would always be there with her)....and lo and behold....Celeste not only began to recover...but developed a new side to her wonderful personality that I'd never known existed. She is so much better now--indescribably better. Playful...mischievous....such a joyous, loving little girl. At times...almost SMUG! :-) And, just to make things other dog, a very Alpha Lhasa Apso, now not only accepts her....but gives her a little respect!

One last interesting note. In the past six months, Celeste has started to nestle her head right into my neck as soon as I lift her. This is such a loving action....which she'd never done before. Plus, although she hates getting her heart pills, she shows up for each dose like clockwork, jumping on the couch, ready to "take her medicine." It is most bizarre!!!

I will always be grateful to Catherine for being able to tell me what Celeste was unable to.